The Trumpets Mirror the Obamabots

I’m totally amazed by how blind faith Americans like to be on teams. Team Trump and Team Democrat both have their similarities.

Trump said that he could shoot one of his supporters and his minion followers still support him. Likewise, Hillary said that her Democrat voters are stupid and easy to manipulate although her nutty supporters haven’t got a clue that she said it.

I remember when Democrats were against and protested George W. Bush’s wars rightfully so. However, when Obama continued Bush’s wars and drone bombed innocent civilians, and his sycophants said nothing. Similarly, Trump escalated and continued Obama’s wars but his servile supporters are letting it slide.

I also remember when Obama met with the Saudis, who chop people’s heads off, and Trump supporters and conservatives were very critical; rightfully so. Trump went to Saudi Arabia and his bootlicking supporters didn’t criticize him the same way they did Obama.

Hillary Clinton impolitely called black criminals super predators while promoting Bill Clintons crime bill. In the same manner, Trump ungraciously said that Mexicans immigrants were criminals. Hillary, Obama, and Trump all gave harsh speeches on illegal immigration and Obama deported about 1,600,000 undocumented immigrants which is a lot more than Trump. Hillary supporters called Trump supporters racist when, in fact, her husband put more black people in prison.

Both sides are also uncivilized because Maxine Waters told people in her audience to disturb Trump Administration Officials while they are out in public. Trump said at a speech that police should slam the arrestee’s head against the police car door.

Trump and the Democrats are all authoritarian war mongering control freaks who love to spend and waste taxpayers’ money.

Divide and conquer propaganda is working well for the elite establishment. The great Albert Einstein said that, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Open your mind if you haven’t and start to think on a higher level.